Top 10 Reasons To
Top 10 Reasons to Eat Your Greens
#10 - Your mother told you there are few other vegetables that are as rich in essential vitamins, vital minerals and food value as cruciferous vegetables!

# 9 - Your mother told you they are high in calcium. (Cruciferous vegetables are excellent natural sources of calcium, which helps to maintain healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis.)

# 8 - Your mother told you they have high vitamin E. (Vitamin E has been found to inhibit skin tumors and carcinogenesis in a number of tissues.)

# 7 - Your mother told you they have high ascorbic acid. (Since vitamin C is not stored by the body, adequate amounts must be taken every day. In addition to its cancer-inhibiting characteristics, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is essential for the production of the white blood cells that protect against infections and bacterial toxins.

# 6 - Your mother told you they are high in Beta-carotene. ( Beta-carotene is a component of dietary vitamin A. A single serving of broccoli or one of the greens has enough beta-carotene to provide more than the daily allowance requirement of Vitamin A).

# 5 - Your mother told you they are high in fiber. (The American Institute for Cancer Research guidelines call for the consumption of 25-35 grams of fiber a day).

# 4 - Your mother told you they are low in calories.

# 3 - Your mother told you they have no cholesterol.

# 2 - Your mother told you they are fat free. (Increasing the amounts of vegetables in our diets can help in controlling weight).

# 1 - Your mother told you to join the Cruciferous Crusaders All-Star Cancer fighting team. (35% of all cancer deaths may be related to what we eat. Consumption of certain vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables, has been associated with a reduction in the incidence of cancer in humans).

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