Savoy (Curly Leaf) - Preferred type for fresh applications. Characterized by dark green, crinkled leaves.

Flat Leaf - Dark green, slightly crinkled leaves. Used primarily for processing.


To prepare for eating raw or cooked, first wash the leaves well; then remove the stems. Fold each leaf lengthwise along the stem with its underside facing you and pull the stem down as close to the leaf tip as possible.

Spinach can be quickly cooked in just the water that clings to its leaves after rinsing. Cover and cook only a few minutes until wilted - do not overcook. Garnish buttered, cooked spinach with freshly grated cheese, toasted almonds or deviled eggs. Or add raw spinach to salds with sliced fresh mushrooms, crumbled egg, and crisp bacon dressed with a mustard vinaigrette.


Nutrition Notes

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