The Cabbage Family

The familiar green head cabbage really doesnít need much of an introduction. Itís versatility in meal preparation is well known. Red cabbage, with a deep red-purple color, is delicious and attractive when shredded into salads and is also good for pickling. Savoy cabbage has crimped curled leaves of yellow-green, and is milder in flavor. Napa, or Chinese cabbage is white to light green in color and resembles romaine lettuce. Napa is elongated in shape and has crinkled leaves with broad ribbed stalks. It also has a mild, delicate flavor. Donít forget those miniature cabbages-brussels sprouts! Brussels sprouts are small, bright green and firm with delicate flavor.

Another, yet more unfamiliar member of the cabbage family is kohlrabi. The name means "cabbage turnip" which is appropriate because the vegetable resembles a turnip with leaves. The bulb and leaves are both eaten. Bulbs are best steamed and the leaves may be cooked like spinach.

Health experts recommend eating cabbage and its close relatives on a regular basis, since they may help in preventing certain types of cancer.

See how cabbage rates against other fruits
and vegetables in cancer prevention

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